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Injury Prevention

How safe is your workplace?

Do you have strong policies and procedures around Injury prevention in your workplace?  CorporateChoice can assist you so that your workplace doesn’t become a statistic.

Employee Education:

Presentations on key topics relating to injury prevention can be used on groups of employees and tailored to the employer’s main concerns in relation to injury prevention. These may include back injuries, postural strains etc. Training sessions can also be held on topics such as manual handling.

Employee Wellness Programs:

These programs can be instituted as on-site programs that the Employee’s undertake as part of their normal daily or weekly routine or can be developed around the Employee performing them outside of hours. Either way we can develop the programs specifically for the type of tasks undertaken by the employees thereby maximising the preventative effect.

Task and Workstation Analysis:

 A full analysis of some or all tasks undertaken within a workplace can be undertaken to provide detailed information about the correct process for performing the task, the critical forces used to determine the areas of potential injury and any recommendations flowing from this comprehensive assessment.

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