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Audiometric Testing Services

CorporateChoice Healthcare are very pleased to have expanded our Audiometric Testing Services. Now incorporating Quadrant Instruments!


AUDIOMETRY (Hearing Testing)

CorporateChoice Healthcare can assist you with:

 Onsite Audiometry testing services in Melbourne and state-wide to help you meet your Victorian WorkCover compliance.

 Purpose built sound treated van incorporating a Sound Proof testing suite for accurate and reliable results.

 Australian industry standard software – Workplace Audiometrics

 Can load data from Previous provider to continue history and comparison of testing.

Summary of Audiometric services

The regulations (Occupational Health and Safety Regulations -Noise, 1992) state that “anyone who is issued with, or is required to wear hearing protection to control their exposure to noise must have their hearing tested within 3 months of commencement, at least every 2 years thereafter”.
We can provide this comprehensive service to your organisation with a minimum amount of disruption to your employees work program. We bring our well-equipped mobile audiometric van (with inbuilt sound attenuating booth) to you, thereby reducing your employee down time to no more than 10 – 15 minutes each.
Our Audiometrists are fully trained and all equipment and testing is performed in accordance with all relevant standards and regulations. Our computerised records management system then provides you with all the necessary documentation, only requiring the minimum input from your own administration staff to distribute the letters to the individuals.

Services provided during initial consultation:

• Recording of personal, medical and employment details / history.

• Subjective evaluation of communication capability.

• Examination of external ear and tympanic membrane.

• Performance of Screening Audiometry (hearing test).

• Recording of audiometric & other data. Interpretation of results to employee.

• Assessment of suitability and condition of H.P.D.’s (Hearing Protection Device) currently used.

• Counselling regarding importance of correct use of H.P.D.’S and general hearing conservation issues.

Post consultation services, provision of:

• Summary of total data statistics to employer.

• Reportable hearing loss report as per reg. 15, 7 part (a) & (b).

• Employee letters indicating results of audiometry.

• Letters to employees where further referral is required.

• Summary data per work zone.

• Statistical analysis of total results.

• Summary letter and statement to VWA as per reg. 15.

• Report regarding suitability of current H.P.D’s.

• Group education and motivation program (optional extra cost item).

This price quoted is based on a testing rate of 5 tests per hour in accordance with additional cleaning requirements due to COVID 19. Should 5 tests not be able to be completed in any given hour due to failure of your staff to attend at the allotted time etc, an hourly surcharge may be applied, to the value of no more than the equivalent hourly rate of 5 tests per hour. Any retesting required at a later date for any reason will be charged for according to the terms, conditions, and scale of charges in effect at the time.

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